That’s a great question and one that we love to answer.

There are many reasons why QR.CR is the World’s Best QR Code

  • One stop solution – everything you need to get started with QR Codes
  • Security – high grade data encryption, your data is safer than in a bank!
  • Safe – all links are scanned daily by a well-recognized trusted third party
  • Accessible – store the contact info to any smartphone via an easy email request (vCard)
  • Ease of Use – fill in a form to create your mobile landing page
  • Interactive mobile website rather than a static site
  • Versatile – the QR.CR Code links up to 8 URLs of your choice
  • Service – any questions you may have will be answered quickly via our ticket support system
  • Reliable – state of the art technology hosted in top notch secure data centers
  • Value – unbeatable price / quality ratio

You are in control of your QR Code and numerous buttons to link and activate. You can link to any URL you desire and you can have up to 8 active links on your mobile landing page at any given time.

Most other codes are static codes and once created, you cannot edit the URL the code is linked to without rendering it useless.

The QR.CR code actually links to a mobile optimized landing page.

You have the ability to login to your own dashboard of that mobile landing page and edit any of the links at any time. Once you edit them, they are immediately updated.

Your QR.CR Code will always be directed to your landing page and will never be rendered useless as long as you renew your code once a year.

Because of its size, the QR.CR code can be easily added to your business card without taking up half the card. Most QR codes found on the Internet today can’t be read unless they are big and they take up a lot of space. Of course, it can be made into whatever size you need, but can also be as small as 8x8mm.

If tracking activity to your code is important to you, when you login to your dashboard, simply click on Statistics and you can see the amount of activity on your code as well as the type of devices that have scanned your QR.CR Code.