Why It Works

First off, with the C5 Marketing System it's important to understand that this is a complete marketing system from start to finish.
It's a one stop system that's all done for you to make it easy to reach out to prospects for your Cloud Token business.
The System will then powersort your prospects, walk them through how to get started and then get them duplicating. We believe that this is the only building tool you'll ever need and if people use the C5 System they can triple their volume in a month's time and get to C5 much quicker.

The system comes complete with proven pre-written phone and text messages to say and send to warm market, cold market and professional prospects. There are also proven pre-written follow up messages to use with your prospects. There's no need to ever have to guess what to say or send to people - these messages work. From there your prospects are taken to your Cloud Token lead capture page and then to your Cloud Token mobile landing page to get all the information and the big picture on what we have our hands on. These components all work together to efficiently put high powered information in front of your prospects and get a decision. It produces measureable results.

A big feature of the C5 Marketing System is that you only have one link you ever have to send to people. There's no wondering what to send somebody for info and having to constantly keep sending out information to the same people. One link to send and it walks them through your lead capture page and mobile landing page, gives them all the information and then gives them exact instructions on how to sign up with your Referral Code.

It all starts with the lead capture page. You send a message with your link to a prospect and they see your lead capture page first. This is a pre-built lead capture page that's provided for you the second you purchase your C5 System. You can use the one that's there, you can modify it or you can upload your own lead capture page - it's your choice. You can even bypass the lead capture page if you prefer to and just have your prospects go direct to your mobile landing page.
The lead capture page is designed to make them want to see more. They opt in for more information and you've now captured their data. Now you know you have a motivated, interested prospect. In fact you receive an instant notification when somebody opts in to your lead capture page. This is a key feature for effective follow up as you only need to follow up with people who you know have seen some information. And just so you know you get a full back office with your Marketing System with full tracking statistics on prospects in your C5 System including geo tracking. Your back office also walks you through how to easily make changes to your lead capture page and other components.

When they opt in a couple things happen with your prospect on your behalf.
1. The C5 System will now send a message to your prospect on your behalf to guide them through the process.
2. Your prospect will be immediately taken to your mobile landing page where there is an array of powerful videos to show them what Cloud Token is about and get them signed up for you.

Let's walk you through some of the powerful features of your mobile landing page and what it will do for you.

Your mobile landing page will have your name, contact info and all the information you see on the demo mobile landing page all pre-loaded for you. All you have to do is simply add in your Referral Code and it's ready to use. If you want to change some of the text or videos on your mobile landing page it's really easy to do so in your back office. So you can go with the pre-built one or you can customize it by using the with the tools and tutorials in your back office - again it's your choice.

You can add in your picture or a welcome video to really personalize your mobile landing page. As marketers we know how important it is to build relationships so recording a quick video and putting it in there to welcome your prospects and guide them through the process is huge. There's a tutorial in your back office to show you how to do this - it's easy - and there's even a sample video script you can use.

There's a strong message on your page which will get their attention and make them want to know more. This box also has your referral code in it.

Then you have an awesome 3 step video system for them to get all the information they need to make a decision.

Step 1 has the 4 minute video that will really whet their appetite for more. It also has several other short videos to start lighting them up for you including a Testimonials video which is so important from a social proof perspective.

You've got their interest so they move to Step 2 to find out more details. Here there are more great videos with more details so they can really understand how it works. Bang there it all is - all pre-loaded and there to give the big picture and get them to the finish line for you.

The beautiful thing about these videos is that you present them to your prospect in a controlled environment. You're not sending them to youtube where they get a bunch of noise from other information, presentations, feedback or distributors. You control the message and the environment.

And if you want to put in other videos it's easy to do. You can load up any video or text in any language that you want. Your back office tutorials will walk you through how to do that very simply. And you can update or change the videos and information any time you want. Again it's your choice.

They like what they see so now they move to Step 3 to get started. Again they're given your referral code along with the 3 videos of how to create their cloud token account, how to set up google authenticator and how to fund their cloud token wallet and move the funds into Jarvis. Simple steps to get them signed up properly with your referral code. Now they can get this exact same C5 System and in minutes be exposing the world to Cloud Token and getting results. Nobody has to be an expert - the C5 System does all of the work. It's all about simple rapid duplication and about production. If you can get your brand new person exposing high powered information to their contacts and getting decisions on their very first day you know what that's going to do for your Cloud Token business.

There are buttons that your prospect can click on to get your phone number and email address and other important information. And your referral code is provided again there as well.

There's also a feature on your mobile landing page that says Love this Marketing System. If they click on that you will get an instant notification that they are on your mobile landing page right now looking at the info. Now you can do a timely follow up with somebody who has strong interest. That's making your minutes count and let's you be efficient and productive.

If you enter your own Cloud Token wallet address in your back office, it will display on your page for people to scan. Then if somebody needs to send you Cloud Tokens it's right there in front of them or you can just share this page with them.

You also have a V Card capability at the bottom of your mobile landing page where you can use your mobile landing page as your own virtual business card. It's very effective.

There's also a tool to help you share your mobile landing page on different social media platforms quickly and that's going to get you big results as well.

Let's talk about some other features that are important:

Your C5 System comes complete with our unique Do It Yourself Autoresponder System which has pre-populated power emails for prospecting and followup. This will allow you to very easily maintain contact and follow up with your prospects.

With your C5 Marketing System you also receive a very powerful communication tool in your back office. You can use this tool to easily broadcast messages out to your entire team any time you want. We all know that communication is power. Think how powerful it is to be able to instantly let your entire team know about a new tool, an upcoming presentation or a big event.

With the pre-built lead capture page and mobile landing page there's very little you need to do to get the link out and start sorting and getting decisions. For those who want to customize those tools the back office makes it very easy to do with user-friendly steps for everything.

As you can see the C5 System will work beautifully for both warm and cold markets as well as your professional contacts. In fact it will work any way you want to use it because you only have one link to share. That makes it really simple. You can text the link out, you can use it with text and email marketing, you can use that link for all social media marketing, heck you could even put a message on a billboard with your link and drive traffic to your system. The key is getting eyeballs on your C5 System and the powerful presentation of information it provides. Do that and you're going to get great results. Your C5 System will pay for itself the first day you use it.