The C5 Marketing System

The powerful C5 Marketing System can triple your Cloud Token team's volume in the next 30 days!

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  • Complete Marketing System including pre-built lead capture page and mobile landing page

  • The only tool you'll ever need to skyrocket your Cloud Token business and get you and your team to C5

  • Premiere powersorting capability for efficient production. Get eyeballs on your C5 System and win big

  • Only one link to send to your prospects to get decisions and get results

  • Proven pre-written phone scripts to use for warm market, cold market and professional contacts

  • Proven pre-written prospecting and follow up messages to use for warm market, cold market and professional contacts

  • Instant notification when prospects have opted in to your lead capture page or are viewing your mobile landing page

  • Your prospect gets complete instructions on how to sign up and get started including your referral code

  • Ideal tool for getting your new people building effectively minutes after joining

  • Maximize your time with follow up with a full back office complete with all tracking statistics on prospects including geo tracking.

  • Keep steady communication with your prospects easily with our unique Do It Yourself Autoresponder System which has pre-populated power emails for prospecting and followup.

  • Pre-built Marketing System ready the second you purchase or customize it as you like - it's your choice

  • Power communication tool provided that let's you communicate instantly with your entire team

  • Perfect system for warm, cold and professional contacts and all forms of marketing

  • User friendly tools and tutorials in your back office for using the C5 System

  • Eliminate outside noise because your C5 System controls the information process

  • Personalize your C5 System with your picture or video

  • Control the process by bypassing the lead capture page if you choose to

  • Purchase your C5 System with Cloud Tokens, Bitcoin, Dash, Credit Card, WeChat or AliPay

  • Special Introductory Offer gets you the entire C5 System for only 27 cents a day