Features / Benefits

Supercharge your Cloud Token business with your own powerhouse C5 Marketing System. Your team can do the same thing. Your C5 System is the most advanced System ever - it's a total one stop System that includes a pre-built lead capture page and a mobile landing page that work together to powersort your prospects and get the results you want.

Here's why the C5 System is so effective:

  • Convert prospects into Cloud Token team members quickly and efficiently with just one link. There's no need to wonder what information and links to send to prospects and there's no need to overload them with information. Your C5 System has everything you need in an orderly, powerful presentation so it's just one link to send for a strong, complete exposure to your prospects. Get eyeballs on your C5 System and you'll get the results you're looking for.

  • Never have to wonder what to say or send to prospects. Proven pre-written phone scripts are provided to use for warm market, cold market and professional contacts. Proven pre-written prospecting and follow up messages are provided to use for warm market, cold market and professional contacts.
  • Make your minutes count by only talking with people who have looked at the info and have interest. Your lead capture page captures the data of everybody who opts in to look at your mobile landing page so you can follow up effectively. You receive instant notifications when somebody opts in to your lead capture page as well as when a prospect is looking at the information on your mobile landing page. This let's you maximize your time because there's no need to ever be chasing people who haven't looked at anything yet. You can also bypass your lead capture page if you want or use your own lead capture page - it's your choice.

  • The name of the game is productivity and getting your new people producing quickly. Minimize the training time for your new people because they only need this one tool. Get them set up with their own C5 System in minutes and they can begin exposing people and getting results immediately.

  • Use the pre-built lead capture page and mobile landing page which are set up for you immediately upon purchase and get results right away. Your mobile landing page will have all the power tools as well as your name and contact information on it. Or if you prefer you can customize your mobile landing page simply and quickly. A full tutorial is provided on how to customize it including how you can upload information or videos in any language that you want. You can also change and update the information and videos on your mobile landing page very easily any time you want to.
  • Your prospect gets complete instructions on how to sign up and get started with Cloud Token including your Cloud Token referral code which is provided in multiple places once you enter it.

  • Personalize your mobile landing page by easily uploading your picture or a welcome video. Videos are excellent for conveying your excitement and for directing your prospects on what to look at. A sample video script is available in your back office along with simple instructions.

  • Control the process of the information you provide by eliminating the noise people get when you send them a youtube link. With the powerful clickable videos on your mobile landing page your prospects will not be distracted by other information, presentations, feedback or distributors.

  • Keep steady communication with your prospects easily with our unique Do It Yourself Autoresponder System which has pre-populated power emails for prospecting and followup.

  • Your C5 System will work very effectively for warm, cold and professional contacts. You also get a full back office with the purchase of your C5 System with full tracking of your prospects including geo tracking.

  • Customize your lead capture page and mobile landing page in your back office easily with the user friendly tools and tutorials provided.
  • Communication is power. A power communication tool is provided which allows you to instantly communicate with your entire team about new tools, upcoming presentations, events and anything else you'd like to let them know about.

  • Enter your own Cloud Token wallet address in your back office and it will display on your mobile landing page for people to scan. Then if somebody needs to send you Cloud Tokens it's right there in front of them or you can just share your mobile landing page with them.

  • Your mobile landing page is perfect for all types of marketing. It's also easy to share on different social media platforms quickly and that's going to get you big results as well. Tools are provided to help you do that.

  • Everything is there on your mobile landing page including signup instructions so your prospects can get the information, make a decision and join your team.

  • With our limited time Introductory Offer your C5 System only costs $99 USD for one full year. This works out to only 27 cents a day for this tool which will pay for itself the first day you use it.

  • Purchase your C5 System using Cloud Tokens, Bitcoin, Dash, Credit Card, WeChat or AliPay.

  • All purchases are confidential. Your data and your team's data will not be shared in any way.